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Republicans Just Keep on Proving Their Own Arguments Wrong

Thursday Jan 19, 2012

Yesterday In response to President Obahma’s predictable decision on The Keystone XL Pipeline  the Republicans as usual gave a scathing account of his politicizing the outcome. In addition to wasting our money and time by summoning Hillary to be berated by them they will ignor the possible danger to the water supply of a large area of the country. Boehner(Ohio),Griffin(Arkansas),Cantor(Virginia),Hensarling(Texas 5),Lipton(Michigan),Terry(Nebraska 2),Capito(W Virginia),And Blackburn(Tennessee) each gave an official response . They accused the President of playing politics. Seems to me that when only 2 of these folks are from states where the pipeline will pass, neither of those from a district that the pipeline goes thru , they also are playing politics especially when the contentious area is in Nebraska where the other representatives are Republican. If an alternative route (already being studied) can be found not to endanger water supply(even more important to life than energy) we should build it. These political hacks that need the Tv face time should start doing what is best for the people they are most directly affecting, not the poor foreign ”Indians” in Arkansas that made a bet the pipeline would be approved and prebuilt the pipe. If they have to sell it to China their profit margin will actually match the market and you poor conservatives will have to live on the other billions being poured into free speech.

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Since this post was written it has been reported that not only did the foreign owned company in Arkansas bet on the pipeline but Boehner has invested heavely in companies that would benefit from its construction.

January 19th, 2012 | 11:11 pm
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