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Perry Say What?

Wednesday Aug 24, 2011

I read an article written by Chris Moody on The Ticket today. It was written about the ideas of  Govenor Perry wrote from his book “Fed Up”. In the piece Chris breaks down those things that the then not a candidate (Governor of the closest to hell conditions state we have) would change. If he only wished to change or eliminate amendments the we could call him an originalist. In his case however he wants to change structure. He could also show this trait in his cult meeting to pray for rain just prior to announcing that suffering his beliefs on those that live in his state isn’t enough now he wants to bring his inquisition the the whole country. Instead of the three equal power structure built to protect the country from those that would bully their way on all, Perry would allow congress to both override the Supreme Court by a two thirds margin instead of by amendment. He would make the President more of a European type monarch with the title and little power. In other words while he continually questions Obama’s love of America he was willing to write his disdain for our constitution for both profit and political gain.

Please my republican friends pay attention. We have just spent many dollars and ten years fighting the Taliban of Afghanistan. Don’t pick a Christian fundamentalist for your choice as leader. Fundamentalist Christianity is just as repressive as any other religious fundamentalism.

I heard Governor Perry is proud of Texas’s job creation yet near the end of 2010 a report came out that said:

In the larger universe of Texas families below 200 percent of the poverty line, work participation is even higher. Of 1.4 million poor and “near poor” Texas families with children, 77 percent—or 1 million—are working. These families include almost 4.8 million Texans, 2.4 million of whom are children. Low wages in many of the state economy’s growth sectors contribute to Texas’ large working but low-income population, as do limited public assistance benefits. Compared to the U.S. average, Texas workers are slightly more likely to have low-wage jobs. Texas workers also rank near the bottom in terms of access to job-sponsored health insurance, pensions, workers’ compensation coverage, and unemployment benefit

In other words a job in Texas doesn’t mean you also can have a roof and food at the same time. Companies also offering health benefits are at a lower percentage than the rest of the country (understandable if you don’t have leper colonies how can Christ return and visit them?)

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