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Christian and Fiscal Republicans IT Is Time To Act

Tuesday Dec 18, 2012

The Aztecs say the world will end on Friday. That leaves little time for the so called Republican Christians and the fiscal conservative Republicans to speak up and tell their leaders that they are on the wrong path. If you don’t then you will have proven to be false profits and will surly descend to the demon fires quicker than those you keep punishing for what they did not do. Let us first call our Senators and Representatives and explain that just because they failed with Katrina is no reason to try and make the Democrats do the same with Sandy. Your supplemental bill went through in record time without the committee hearings that Blowhard McCain is crying about and next week will t... Read More

Religious Republicans Are Being Tricked

Thursday Jul 5, 2012

The Republican party I remember was religious and patriotic. These two types of actions required compassion for others and loyalty to ones truth. With every speech the new polititians in the party say USA and God. I fear they forgot to mention that you are the ones supposed to be loyal ,not them. I believe they are secretly Individulests. This will allow them to relieve you of the burdon of worrying about the money that, when they’re done, you used to have. To understand why I say this you must first know why this philosophy is really not what you believe but can be made to look like the backbone of religious truth. Let us go to section 20 of the Rerum Novarum (Encylical of Pope... Read More

Don’t Let Romney Pick The Supreme Court

Thursday Jun 28, 2012

DEEbL8CFZnU               <— Click this ... Read More

Its Time to Contact Your Local Media

Thursday Jun 14, 2012

Part of the news organizations moral requirement is to collect and pass on to its readers correct information that they themselves do not have the time to compile. It is true that most news is presented with a bias twist and one can usually find proof on both sides of an argument. Fox News has succeeded by creating its news for a certain niche realizing it can’t have it all. Most outlets try and get everyone to follow them thereby forcing them to favor what Fox is doing because they are weak in that segment and Fox is the leader. If these outlets thought they would loose their present following they would pay more attention to it. Here is where we come in. We contact our politicians en... Read More

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